Seven Transformation Pack v2.0

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Seven Transformation Pack v2.0 | 20.46 MB

Seven Transformation Pack 2.0 is here!
In this version, you can expect advanced version of ViGlance with Aero Peek and taskbar pinning, completed bug fixes and Windows Vista supported!

Seven Transformation Pack will replace many of the resources in Windows XP/Windows Server 2003. It can change such things as:
Boot screen
Welcome Screen / Logon Screen
New msstyles files (visual styles)
New desktop and file icons
New toolbar icons
Progress Dialogs
Sounds scheme
System Tray icons
New Wallpapers
Some Windows 7’s popular features
And much more

Seven Transformation Pack 2.0 Keynotes

Vista compatibilities – Starting from version 2.0, Seven Transformation Pack will support Windows Vista operating system and allow user to get Windows 7 experiences in Windows Vista. It will support XP/2003 and Windows Vista in same installation package for easy update and avoid conflicts. You may think file size is too large for Windows Vista user alone but please bear with it.

Bug fixes – some bugs found in previous releases are fixed. This includes clean uninstallation that will remove all installed features and tweaks for real this time. I tested it in Windows XP/2003/Vista and found everything removed properly. Bugs with incorrect icons are fixed also but I intentionly changed closed folder to ones specified in imageres.dll as proper closed folder regardless of Windows Vista/7 keep using opened for both. Vista Rainbar will not longer keep nagging full screen application and have memory leak issue resolved for long-time use.

ViGlance improvements – This is our MVP in this release. You will get the advanced version of ViGlance. It has Aero Peek feature showing live thumbnail on taskbar. You can pin application on taskbar as Windows 7. Options section is now available for ViGlance configuration and yeah… has superb graphics updated by Windows X that resembles Windows 7 RTM. The stability is improves a lot too and compatible with vertical taskbar and full screen apps.




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